Smart Gas Training & Assessment Centre (SGTAC) is committed to ensure all students and visitors to our centre remain safe at all times.

The safety and well-being of our apprentices is of the highest importance and we want to maintain a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and safe, while learning in a positive atmosphere so students can enjoy their time at SGTAC.

All members of staff at SGTAC, along with students and visitors to the centre have an important role in safeguarding, especially for young students aged under 18 and or “vulnerable” people. SGTAC recognises that anyone can be classed as vulnerable at any time and it’s the centres duty to monitor our students and visitors to notice any changes in their circumstances.

All members of staff at SGTAC have been DBS checked and they all undertake safeguarding training which is renewed annually, ensuring staff are up-to-date with the best practices in safeguarding as well as being knowledgeable of the latest laws and acts regarding safeguarding and prevention.

SGTAC has a statutory duty of Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2022) and have arrangements in place for carrying out the centre’s duties which keeps the safeguarding and welfare of students and vulnerable persons at the forefront of all activity. This is further supported by the Education Act 2011 and the Children Act 1989 (Section 17 Child in Need (Provision of services for children in need, their families and others) and Section 47 Risk of Significant Harm (Local Authority’s duty to investigate). In order to comply with this duty of care, all members of staff at SGTAC are made aware of their responsibilities through communication via the designated safeguard lead (Adam Kolaszynski) and external training programmes. This ensures that all staff can deal with safeguarding concerns and issues in an appropriate manner which resolves the issues/concerns adequately.

SGTAC’s Safeguarding Procedure sets out a framework for those arrangements.

SGTAC is not an investigating agency. This function will normally be carried out by Social Care and Health, or other agencies with statutory powers, i.e., the Police, as set out in the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Procedures or Derby & Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Policy & Procedure.

Safeguarding Contact:

If you are a student, a parent, carer or a friend and have any safeguarding concerns regarding an apprentice/student that attends SGTAC, you can contact SGTAC’s Designated Safeguard Lead (Adam Kolaszynski) via the below:

Telephone: 01335 300560 Ext 203


Staying Safe Online

It is rare to know anyone who attends college not to use a form of social media, whether it is Twitter or TikTok, Facebook or Instagram, social media makes it easier than ever to communicate and share updates about your life.

Therefore, it is vitally important to think carefully before you post online, a simple post can last forever and travel the world in minutes, therefore to protect your reputation and yourself, ensure you do not share personal information or post incriminating or harmful messaging which goes against social media guidelines as well the law.

SGTAC recommend that you report anything that concerns you to the service provider e.g., Facebook and this will help any harmful/distressing material to be removed. As well as this, blocking and deleting functions are useful and always tell someone, including SGTAC’s designated safeguard lead if something or someone has upset you online.

Remember not to give into pressure, once you have pressed send it can’t be taken back. If someone is asking for inappropriate images or asking for personal details, think of the consequences and block the contact especially if it is someone you don’t know personally.

You also must respect the law. For example, only use reliable sources to gain access to music, film and TV and not stream/download via illegal means. This also relates to using social media for illegal activity and this should be reported to the authorities and if you are worried a fellow student is going to down the wrong path, it is important to contact SGTAC’s Designated Safeguard Lead.

For guidance and support regarding online safety, email or call 01335 300560 Ext 203 to talk to SGTAC’s Designated Safeguard Lead (Adam Kolaszynski).

Out of College Hours Support

If you have any safeguarding concerns outside of SGTAC’s operating hours, you should contact your local authority out of hours social care number for any concerns relating to a child under the age of 18. This information can be found by putting the post code from where you are reporting from at

If you feel that a child, student or vulnerable person is at immediate risk and is in need of protection, you should contact the police immediately on the below numbers:

Emergency: 999

Non-Emergency: 101

Further Support

There are many external organisations that can offer support as well as offering useful information, however if you are struggling and have concerns regarding anything, please contact SGTAC’s Designated Safeguard Lead (Adam Kolaszynski).

Mental Health:

Young Minds


Anxiety UK

NHS Every Mind Matters

Support and information for young people:

The Children’s Society

Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership