Initial CCN1

Initial CCN1 (Core Domestic Gas Safety) consists of up to 2 days if required, of practical and written training followed by 2 days of assessment covering:

  • Gas safety legislation
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures
  • Characteristics of combustion
  • Ventilation
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Test for tightness
  • Checking and/or setting meter regulators
  • Identification of unsafe situations and use of emergency notices and warning labels
  • Operation of and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves
  • Checking and setting appliance burner pressures and gas rates
  • Operation and checking of gas safety devices and controls
  • Flueing standards
  • Flue testing
  • Installation of open, balanced and fan-assisted flue systems
  • Establishing existing gas supply and re-light appliances
  • Domestic Appliance Assessments